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  All pictures on the featured on mktphotography.co.za are protected under the copyright law and are intellectual property of mktphotograpy.co.za

•  Any unauthorised use of any of the images featured on mktphotography.co.za inclusive downloading and linking to these images without prior written authorisation is prohibited under any circumstances.

•  It is prohibited to reproduce any printed image from mktphotography.co.za

•  mktphotography.co.za. is using PayPal as their online shopping partner and cannot be hold responsible for any shortcomings, misuse of data, or other violations and/or infringements by PayPal or any of their service providers. mktphotography does not store or use client data or information or provide client information to 3rd parties

•  Images will only be shipped after all funds have been cleared by PayPal.

•  Limited Photographs: All limited photographs wildlife and/or art are limited to 10 prints per picture with the 11's copy being a owners copy which may be entered into specific competitions, or being exhibited in public places for mktphotography.co.za marketing purposes only but will not be sold to guarantee only 10 public copies.
All limited photographs are signed, numbered and dated by the photographer

•  Open Limited Photographs are commercial photographs and are not limited to any number and will not be signed, dated or numbered.

•  All photographs will be shipped in special photograph containers. Mktphotography.co.za ensures that all images leaving our offices are in perfect condition, as well as our service providers ensure correct shipping, but cannot be held responsible for any damage during shipping or thereafter.

•  14% VAT and shipping costs are added to all photographs.

•  Small colour changes may occur during printing compare to screen/monitor

•  Returns and Refund: mktphotography.co.za might refund or replace a photograph if the client can prove that the print has been damaged during shipping. Prints must be returned within 5 days with original container. The client is responsible to pay for shipping and ensure correct shipping process, alternative no refund or new image will be given.


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